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23h c21 4decode9
Okay. I loved that chapter, and was great to see Kali actually interact more with the other radiants. A dark mirror huh? Little bit unexpected there, but honestly I like this villains plan. Plus a pretty clever trap. Though Blair is probably going to be bearing herself up over such an obvious trap.
9/9 c8 4Viewer27Man
After showing that the training doll being put to use, our heroes discuss how the people who were the sources of the rage monsters are basically fine now and don't remember anything weird. Then they do their usual mutual friend teasing over past events thing. The lead's little sister is shown the control room. Our heroes see a movie they don't give good reviews and get an arrogant/mocking confrontation by the girl the ice girl doesn't like. The lightning guy offers pranks as a solution, with no signs of accepting his offer. The lead's little sister shows her brother her somewhat unorthodox detective work about the mastermind lady's name. The mastermind lady sends a message to the ice girl using an owl as a phone to try, though not very hard, to tempt her. Our heroes then discuss the owl chat and then personal drama. We don't get a monster-of-the-chapter this time, but we do get a cliffhanger into the mastermind lady's next move with 2 purple coins this time.

Not much to add beyond my abridged description. I'm a bit confused by the little sister's detective work scene. I can't fully tell what parts of what she's doing are supposed to be working or in-character silly. I also have trouble following the past drama explanations, I feel like I'm getting more of the whole story each time with the drama scenes, but they do not seem relevant to the main magical hero aspects of the plot (at least not yet).

Favorite Part: The owl chat. That's definitely a creative and low-risk way to get a villainous message across.
9/6 c20 4decode9
Okay. Interesting chapter and loved seeing more of Blair. The conspiracy theorist doesn't know just how much on the nose he is, but about the wrong individuals. I'm not surprised she's called the Midnight Maiden. Anyways fun chapter and looking forward to more.
8/27 c7 4Viewer27Man
Our wind hero is in recovery from brutal training apparently involving a snake and there is an announcement that important visitors on the dimensional alien side of things are coming later. The mastermind lady seeking angry people finally turns to drivers. The water girl's uncle comes to town with an interest in a revealed race with questionable legality. The wind guy has a cousin in this race as well. During the stakeout on the race the water girl and wind guy discuss drama that comes with relatives involved in illegal activities until they're greeted by a hologram of the mastermind lady. After the chat with her, our heroes have a meeting to clarify that this is how she's evaded capture for so long. Then our heroes meet the uncle and can tell he's a bad guy from the red in his eyes. Then the cousin appears revealing he's a villain too. Then they find it's a whole group of people who are the villain. By their rage powers combined the monster is basically a transformer robot lizard in disguise. The robot lizard attacks with strikes and oil. Once covered with oil the fire hero is able to use a kind of new attack to deal a big hit. With combined effort our heroes proceed to finish the monster by shoving water and electricity down its throat, and the monster is destroyed in a fiery explosion. The crowd seems unconscious but mostly fine this time. The mastermind lady has a bigger energy ball now.

Now that the party is gathered we get an episode that escalates things a bit. Several people are used to form the monster this time. The people that spawn the monsters are getting more personal by being related to the heroes, likely by coincidence but time will tell on that. The fight scene is more a little more involved than the previous recruitment battles.

Favorite Part: The discussion about how the Mistress M has been avoiding them all this time. I was curious about that. I also liked the part about using oil to power up the fire attack.
8/2 c6 Viewer27Man
A possible personality arc for the ice girl comes to light. The aliens like nachos and may have a new subplot developing. More of the light girl's past arc is revealed. Our heroes talk to a guy about boxing lessons who turns out to be the wind guy. The boxing lessons scene is basically a drill sergeant scene. The guys share personal mantras with the wind guy. Then a giant boxing beast attacks. The girls who sat out the boxing lessons crash them to engage the monster. The wind guy gets his new wind power. The heroes all attack the monster. The monster is defeated. New party member acquired, and the roster is declared full.

The characters seem to respond more to the dialogue in the combat scenes than what's going on like the monster trying to destroy stuff. Of course they do respond to the threats, but the dialogue seems to take priority when there is talking to be done. Example: The boxing coach responds to what the man who spawned the monster has to say once he talks like he has full understanding that the man is responsible for the monster and isn't just crazy. Though this is par for the course for the story.

Favorite Part: Let's Plays specifically of old games were mentioned as pop-culture in a story? It's like I do that or something...
7/30 c5 Viewer27Man
Our heroes eat lunch and talk. As the bully boy decides to chat with them. We get implications that he may be creepy in addition to being rude. The ice person is then found using the power of social media. Then we cut to the future ice girl and find that she's got a rich father and that she's unhappy about certain arrogant people. Then our heroes investigate a series of murders and the water girl happens to remember enough from watching this to figure out that the next target is the ice girl's lawyer father. The mastermind asserts her dominance/authority in her quick villain meeting. The ninja alien girl and our heroines manage to infiltrate the staff (by having 3 of the original staff knocked out in advance) for the birthday party of the lawyer father. As the staff the heroines are requested to meet with the ice girl by her mother. The sudden conversation understandably gets slightly awkward as personal mantras are exchanged. Then the monster, a screeching harpy spawned from the guy who went to jail for a crime he didn't commit, attacks. As the ice girl is worried for her attacked she requests that the bad guy stop, not even baffled there's a monster doing the attack. The fire and lightning heroes then break in to attack the harpy. The ninja KOs the angry guy pretty easily. The ice girl has a bit of confusion about accepting the power, but ultimately does and turns the tide with an ice move. Then the heroines at the party finish the harpy off with a combined attack. Then everyone goes about what they were doing before basically, but there may be more drama going on here.

There are a few conversations that feel like they were just jumped to without any logical segway that I could see. This is particularly the case for some of the verbal teasing jokes in this.

Favorite Part: Knocking out the waiter staff in advance to infiltrate. No questioning of ethics, it's just done.
7/29 c18 4decode9
That was a good fight, but the cloak guy certainly confused me. So now...the count. How fun.
7/17 c17 decode9
Uh oh. Well if getting in touch with The Count then got a lot more coming. As for the chapter itself it was quite something.
6/19 c16 decode9
I had a feeling and while not confirmed seem to at least mention The Phoenix. And the doors open...of course it is. The bit on learning how those Mana seeds work was pretty funny, and hearing Blair actually threatened her was equally funny.
6/6 c15 decode9
Well...they just picked the wrong person to take. Hmm...why didn't she fall tho...uh oh. Recalling the original I suddenly have a feeling why.
5/8 c13 decode9
So we finally get to see more of the Earth Radiants, and a nice bit of lore dumping was done for this.
4/21 c12 decode9
And thus the first of many enemies is beaten. Margaret is gone, but it appears an old foes influence was in the background. Now I just wonder what exactly this old manuscript was about. Also is there a possibility of finding out what's going on in with Selena-Ja and the Dark Radiant? Because I am really curious about the events happening over there.
4/14 c11 decode9
Okay. These last few chapters have been crazy, but looks like we are about to reach the climax of this arc, and I for one am excited! I have enjoyed these adventures so far and the bonding the group has gone through.
4/8 c4 4Viewer27Man
The mastermind lady finds an woman in a leotard. Then after some that include some training normal days our heroes have split up on another normal day for lunch. The guys discuss burgers, a food show, philosophy of unhealthy eating, avoiding using powers in real-world politics, and what the local school is like, including a short-lived pizza-strictness policy. Meanwhile our 3 heroines discuss activities activities they do and don't do and get close to talking about past drama. Then our hero talks to his mother and learns that grandpa is coming to town. Meanwhile the people in the other dimension list 3 rage-related mcguffins to try to guess the mastermind lady's plans. Then our heroes discuss a carnival coming to town that had issues including potentially an imploding clown. Our heroes then go to the carnival, find that it is in poor care and sucks and decide to stay anyway. Our heroes get annoyed by everything they come across at the carnival. However, they find their entertainment when they sense then find a monster acting out the leotard woman's rage right beside her, trying to kill a man. After revealing she's aware to some extent of the situation and that she used to work at the carnival, our heroes try to tell her what she should've done instead of getting mad and she gets angrier. The ninja ally knocks her out then the heroes fight the monster that specializes in juggling attacks. Our heroes defeat the juggling monster by hitting it with a decent elemental blow from all of them, with our main fire hero dealing the final blow. Afterwards they call in the normal appropriate authorities, and discuss how the monster stuff could have lasting consequences on the victims. Our heroes avow to train more.

We get some slice of life aspects and a declared separation between this world and the fantasy world. We get a fight scene where they all fight the same monster. Nothing too new to the fight but it seemed more difficult than the last one.

Some of the dialogue seemed a little strange. In the burger discussion Jake seems surprised that the place was in some food show, but somehow knows how the episode went without any comment recalling it later or looking it up.

Ryu's interjection on how he wouldn't eat all that much feels kind of wordy for what he's saying.

The girls' conversation transitioning from social media to cheerleading seems like a sudden topic shift.

Also 'imploding' might not be the clearest term here. I'm not exactly sure if the clown had an emotional breakdown (which seems like it would make more sense) or if we're talking a literal implosion, which would probably involve something deflating... Because it is constantly referred to as 'imploding' and declared possibly a rumor, that implies that it could've been an actual implosion happening, but I'm not sure how that would work in this context...

The weight-guessing guy is really weird.

The fact that they stay at the bad carnival as long as they do seems kind of weird, since it seems like their first impression. It feels like they're staying mainly because the plot needs them to. I think if one of them said they had a good time at an earlier visit, it might make more sense to give this place the small chance they do.

Helen's furious talk is mindlessly blunt on her part. The way she refers to the heroes by element seems a bit odd as I think she'd care more about them being an obstacle and is clearly not very patient right now. It is different than the past cases that she seems aware that she's able to spawn a monster and Mistress M. I take it she was a normal person with a grudge before she met the villain but the monster and power stuff doesn't seem new to her by her dialogue.

The heroes' attempt to talk her down seems odd since I'm not sure if they're aware if anger is the problem yet since this is the first victim who was able to talk to them. Whether they know or not, I feel like asking her about the 7-foot monster in the room or at least a 'back down' statement would come before asking about why she's so mad.

There's narration about the Light Radiant in the middle of the fight that is very strange. It seems like it could be dialogue. If it wasn't for the 'Right now? Focus on her.' part I could see a narrator saying this as a cliffhanger into a commercial if this was a show. But it seems equally likely that some force might be observing.

Favorite Part: Aqua and Bolt facing the boss's juggling gimmick in the fight.
3/28 c10 4decode9
Well Margaret has finally lost it. Yet I'm now concerned about whatever she is planning to make her plan complete.
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