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for Another Poem About You

11/21/2001 c1 16ScapeGirl
Very nice. Love sucks, doesn't it?
7/27/2001 c1 shadowbox
okay, last review, what the hell is that thinking? Anyways, this is sweet. But hey, you live and learn.
7/26/2001 c1 well if you guessed i think im you
hey look your getting down on yourself to much and i dont think you should its not your fault at all. i was the one who didnt make a move remember? bye oh and ha i read it u suck mostest largest imuss hahahahahahaha who ever reads it wont know what im talkin about and theyll think im a crac head. oops first impressions suck bye
7/6/2001 c1 31Evil Penguin
7/6/2001 c1 whitney
aww...screw him! hey, same with steve , right? theres always a back up right? (andy andy) haha, ttyl. it was good

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