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for A Tear on My Pillow

7/12/2005 c1 121Wishdreamer89
hey, I like that. maybe 'specially since i've been feelin' kindof depressed. I really like the last line to sum it up.
12/18/2004 c1 Banana Bonanza
Wow that is depressing... did your girlfriend dump you? I like it though; it's very good.
9/17/2000 c1 Azrel
Another depressing one. Good, descriptive, though. Very sad.
6/23/2000 c1 20BatmanBeyond316
Some people..aren't pretenting.
6/18/2000 c1 Nataku Justice
Hello there dear Sensei M. Today I have come in the form of Ntaku, the goddess of Justice, so that I may he of some help to you. Prime derective; to find what is causing the pain, and eliminate it. If you read this, Sensei, please email me. I would like to help. Motte Ai, (did i say that right?) Rage Neko.
6/14/2000 c1 They MUST Be Giants
You write good poems. This was very nice and sad.

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