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for Learning to Trust Again

3/27/2002 c1 Alethia
This souonds almost like my life. I liked it a lot.
7/4/2000 c1 Neiko1
God...this is so wonderful...you have a lot of talent, keep writing ^-^
6/18/2000 c1 Rage Neko
::eyes start to mist up:: touching.. how I wish that I was the one you were thanking, but alas, I know that I cannot be there quite enough for you yet. I hope that will change though. I want to be strong enough to help you, I really do. i hope I'm doing okay so far. Am I ?
6/14/2000 c1 Luke
Thank you, my good friend...
6/14/2000 c1 20BatmanBeyond316
thank you..(::isn't going to bother scoring this one since it made him cry::)

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