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for Talking to the Sky

6/27/2000 c1 8Candie K
That was wonderful!
6/18/2000 c1 Rage Neko
Heeyy, that was good.. whadda ya talking about, "it's no better than my last one.."? *puts hands on hips defiantly, refusing to let you put yourself down like that* I don't think you appreciate yourself enough, ya know that? I liked that poem. I felt a world-weary edge to that poem, esp. at the end, and I felt a sort of tiredness to it, like someone who was getting sick of their position, and wanted to change it. C'mon girl, what do ya say we take an active roll in trying to improve our situations? I feel so tired of taking all this crap lying down, I wanna do something about it. What do you think?
6/16/2000 c1 20BatmanBeyond316

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