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for The Last of Her Writing

4/10/2005 c1 63deeper-meanings21
wow...that was good! plz keep writing! those ppl who dont like it our jealous! ur only doing wut thy want u to do by giving up...talent isnt sumthing u can run away from...and u have talent writing...so dont u dare give up!
5/23/2003 c1 6Summer.Days
real nice, good writing!
10/8/2002 c1 PrecociousPixiePrincess
No! Don't be a quitter and give up. Who cares how many reviews you get? Just write your poems for you and not the public. If they like it great! If they don't that's fine too. Don't stop writing! Pleeeeezzzz!

2/5/2002 c1 Alendalian
Hey, you know what... people on this site are STUPID! They do read your stuff... they just never review because their heads are too full of hot air to remember what they read. I know this, because I have stories that have 200+ hits, but only 20 or so reviews...

You can't ever think that no one is reading your stuff... they are. You just have to pretend that the geniuses are reviewing them, because Jhonen knows, there aren't a whole lot of geniuses on this site...
12/29/2001 c1 Konran no Tenshi
Awww, that's sad. *sniffle* But my philosophy is, if the people don't like it, SCREW THEM! Hehe. I write for me and for me only. It's nice to have other people enjoy what you write, but to me, writing is nothing more or less than the simple need to get the words burning inside your mind onto the paper/computer screen/whatever. I do like your poetry. Mine is under my other penname, Roswell Drake, if you'd like to see it. :) Never give up something you love doing. ~*Konran-chan*~
10/20/2001 c1 37Firefly-chan
you can't quit... why are you just giving up? poems on this site are not the most popular subject they have. thats the reason to not having many reviews. hell i only have 1 review out of 3 poems, i don't even know how many people bothered to even read my poems. and why do it for the people and not yourself? why live the peoples dream and not your own? just because you lost inspration it does not mean you should toss in the towl. try reading someone elces poems (you probly do...) they could give you that tiny bit of inspiration you need to get back into writing. remember, writing should be fun, if you write FOR the PEOPLE, it is probly not as fun any more, if you write for YURSELF and share it with the people then it will probly be more enjoyable. don't force yourself to write, just let it come. (this is just some edvice! i don't want to see such talent go to waiste!)
12/27/2000 c1 1Stars Of The NightFall
I love your writing please don't quit. I'm sorry i havn't been reviewing, i rarely ever do reveiw for anyone, i always get in trouble for being on the computer all the time. Your writing is awesome and I'm still reading it. I hope you don't quit and if you do. Please leave your works up here. There wonderful and i love reading them. You're an awesome writer and I really hope you continue.
6/26/2000 c1 aurora89
Why do you always write sad stuff!
6/18/2000 c1 Rage Neko
Will NOT! ={ I happen to have a very good memory when it comes to my friends, so there. j/k.. *sigh* Well ya know, you might just need some time for a break.. you might just be in a stage of what i call, "lack-of-inspiration" down-time. Don't worry, you'll write good poems again after awhile, just give yourself some rest. Psychologically (and not to mention emotionally), you've been goin' thru some massive stress as of late, so it's only natural that you're not functioning at top level. Don't stress it, I know how great you are,and hey, us writers gotta stick together, and never stop writing. (at least forever.)
6/16/2000 c1 20BatmanBeyond316
Never give up. WHo cares if people like it or hate it, do it becuase you love it. I know you do, and your an awesome poet. Really. I'm not saying this to make you feel better. I am saying this becuase it is the truth.

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