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1/22/2004 c1 19The L1zard Queen
I liked this... :B
And, thank you very much for your review on Paradise. If you want, you're welcome to look at more of my work... ^.^
10/31/2002 c8 Hobbmann
very interesting. keep writing and i can't wait to read more.
5/4/2002 c7 6Strider Hunter
Haha, that was fucked up, but very funny! The one where you mentioned about Lot being Abraham's nephew, not brother...is it possible that I had anything to do with it?

You know, I just got an idea. While I'm reading this strange and unusual story, I figured that if it were ever made into a movie, it should be something like "Fight Club." That movie was fucked up too, so it's perfect! Get Dave Fincher to direct, and you're golden.
4/12/2002 c7 41Willum
This is one crazy ride, D. I had, at first, put off reading it, but, upon checking it our more fully, am starting to like it.
3/1/2002 c6 Agent Green

I really think this story is good. I think Abraham is a cool character in the story.But I do like the plot and idea of the story.
2/27/2002 c6 Agent Green

You got a good story goin on here.Keep it up. I hate to ask. But could you review a fe chapters of my story The Sient. Sorry to ask. But I did like your story so far.
2/26/2002 c6 6Strider Hunter
An interesting character, this Melchizedek. I like the Biblical history and references, though I always thought Lot was Abram's nephew, not brother. Anyway, another good, but short, effort. Keep 'em coming, Deacon!
2/26/2002 c1 Winter Nightmare
I smell potential. In my opinion it's an awesome story! You MUST write more.
2/26/2002 c1 Winter Nightmare
I smell potential. In my opinion it's an awesome story! You MUST write more.
2/24/2002 c5 Strider Hunter
Finally, this story has been updated, Deacon! When you named the chapter "a few answers," you weren't kidding. A good bit of humor mixed into this chapter as well, I like how the deacon/Knight is so drunk he can't do anything. So Bishop isn't a vampire? That's a startling revelation...I'll have to wait and see what that's all about. The parallel between the Church and chess was clever, I'll admit...here's hoping you've gotten a creative burst and put out more chapters soon.
11/4/2001 c4 Strider Hunter
Wow, a really weird chapter, but good. That last scene at the end, with everbody having a beer...was the deacon really tripping or something? Aptly named chapter.
11/3/2001 c3 Strider Hunter
It's great that you continued this story, Deacon. The ancient origin of the protagonist was fascinating...I had a similar idea to explain one of my character's origin later on, but looks like you beat me to the punch. Also in this chapter, the vision of the two wraiths in the field was wonderfully told. Keep it up!
11/2/2001 c1 Agent Green
Awsome story. Could you review my story The Evil Pumpkin Man
11/1/2001 c3 41Willum
Okay, that was a little...bizzar, but still interesting. It's great to see an update, finally, and I plan on sticking with this story as long as you continue it-which I hope becomes a little more frequent-and look forward to seeing where you go with it.
8/30/2001 c2 8Heretic angel
Good story , very good writing style ... You got it !
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