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for The Vampyre

7/24/2001 c2 Chris Grendel
Cool story! Nice background story! Has some movie potential!
7/12/2001 c2 8SweetEvil
Very interesting start to a story. I enjoy your writing style. :)
7/8/2001 c2 41Willum
It's great that you're continueing this, and this second chapter, detailing (mostly) the birth of the creature, is excellent. Like all of your work (which there isn't enough of) this is very well written, and seems very thought out. The touches of history add a great sense of realism, and serve to enrich the story. Please have more of this tale coming soon, Deacon, as it is quite facinating.
7/8/2001 c2 6Strider Hunter
Very interesting story so far.
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