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for Spools of Tiny Red Thread

9/8/2002 c1 18Taboo
I like that ideas introduced in tis short-short story. Maybe you can intergrate the message as one of many themes into a fuller (maybe longer) story?
5/18/2002 c1 an ebony flame
this is a very good story. it has a deep meaning and it makes you think. that's something that i love in stories. you are an example for writers to come. if only they can see you...

-an ebony flame
1/18/2002 c1 goodgirlturnedbad
Hey Katie, That was great!

I was just thinking about Camp and wanted to read some of your week! awesome job!
7/8/2001 c1 19byrdgirl
Lovely! There's a lot of meaning behind this story. I'm glad you wrote it. I guess butterflies are pretty rare, huh?

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