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8/5/2004 c1 72Earthbound Angel 49
while the first few stanzas are a little rough, the poem itself has a message more parents... and even a few friends.. should pay attention to.
4/22/2004 c1 217MistrissD
Much loves to this and to you. My heart goes out to you, I have been there in the past and still battle now to escape
4/13/2002 c1 8SkyE4
I hate when parents think they're alwas right. Great poem.
10/9/2001 c1 24whisper1
very nice
7/11/2001 c1 33Whispering Night
I feel like this way abot everyone around me right now. People are such a .
7/9/2001 c1 69black fairy
I sort of (not fully) know how you feel. My parents also have this fixed view on who I am and who I should be. I think they really realise that I'm not perfect they just don't want to admit it. Or when it smacks them in the face they get all angry and disapointed because the expect me to be perfect. The fixing problems thing I don't know I wouldn't know about. My parents were determined to get me help but I completely refused. And, the way I was brought up was alright. But the other stanzas I can relate to. I'm sorry. Very good poem. I really like it. It's cool how you set the pattern of having four lines to a stanza and then broke that at the end. That really accentuates the last three lines of the poem. It's beautiful, but sad. With a little anger too.

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