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7/25/2002 c1 47bbsting120
Spooky-rific. I agree though with most of the other reviewers that this would kick butt if it were drawn out into a longer story with more details. I think the idea you had of making it into a novel would be best. Keep writing. You've got a lot of talent.
9/1/2001 c1 4An Angel
First of all... who said Mydriad killed him? Hehe... Second of all, I think I might make this into a novel or something, like this would be the first chapter, because this is not like me to write such a short story. And to everyone about frankiej 12000's message: I always try to say at least one thing nice in a review I make, but if the storyline sucks, I'm not going to pretend it doesn't to make the writer feel better. And it's only my opinion, too. I'm sorry if any of my reviews have offended anyone reading this, but I can handle criticism if it's given to me, even if it's bad. But don't let bad reviewers discourage you, they are just trying to help you. And never quit writing!
8/31/2001 c1 9Wild Gunman
Well, if you ask me, I'm starting to think that you criticize waaay too much on fanfiction.net. It's unhealthy. I did like the story however, although it was a little short. Just try not to criticize too much. Some positive things to say wouldn't hurt now would they?
7/13/2001 c1 56xoe
*hides under the bed* scary! *hides*
7/12/2001 c1 PooFoo'schick4ever
OOhhh..creepy! I like the story line, and I'd like to hear even more of the story!
7/12/2001 c1 Enargy
Nice, I'd like a sequel. Just too short...reminds me of this book of 5-min. frights I got It has like a 100 1or 2 page stories that are real good, but short..kinda like this..ummm..write more on this

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