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for A Set Back

2/2/2001 c1 3Lamoca
wow ...makes you think who's that enemy...could it be life itself?...must be the real world cramming down on you, inching itself more and more to give you that reality test.. Truth is. life is here to teach us a leason, along with all the people of this earth...be careful where you step, becareful where you go, most of all be careful whom you trust...i love it!(pls review my one poem im new on this!)
9/17/2000 c1 Azrel
*shakes head* What made you write this? Very depressing, but kind of my view as well. This is good, though.
7/6/2000 c1 Rage Neko
o_O oh my.. what's happened since -then- to make you feel this way..? (i've just now noticed i always take these poems of yours as messages, and rarely comment on the actualy piece of work) *smiles* And in case i've been stupid and forgot to say so in the past, you are an awesome writer. ^_^ I felt desperation and exasperation in there, and also fear. But please.. why?

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