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11/5/2003 c1 35Isarandel
i totally agree to your poem.

a great poem!
4/26/2003 c1 98hurtmushroom
Schon wieder begeistert!

Muss dir auch schon wieder zustimmen, diese verflixte Sprache...ist mir schon oft passiert, dass andere etwas v?g falsch verstanden haben! ?gerlich, sowas, aber kommt vor. Aber wie du schon im Gedicht geschrieben hast, Worte haben ja auch was positives...

cio, hoellenwauwau
2/7/2002 c1 63erisedilla
wow, I really like this one! so true, oh so true... one comment tho... instead of "Like everything of human hand.

But exactly this unperfectness

makes life interesting "

maybe you should try

"Like everything of human hand.

But exactly this IMPERFECTION

makes life interesting"

I donno, that word just kinda irked me... but besides that it was great! keep up the good work!
12/14/2001 c1 5sonadora virtuoso7
awesome! i especially loved the ending... such a simple sentence, yet so meaningful.. good job:)
10/31/2001 c1 Journey Kayla
This is pretty good
7/21/2001 c1 57bib
You managed to work out the 'power of wordsI' reallly good.

The only thing I don't like is 'words are everything and yet

nothing'.That's s.th. which you can tell for nearly everything and it's already a popular sentence.But once again I am surprised

how sensible you can realize some things and express them.That's really brilliant.
7/18/2001 c1 Miba

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