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for The Sinner

7/19/2006 c1 6Twin Mustang
i totally love your work..it's really awesome and real and easy to relate to, as unfortunate as that may be.
5/2/2006 c1 12LateDawnsAndEarlySunsets
This piece reminds me of me. Horrible subject... Lol, but I did enjoy it.
12/22/2004 c1 Amelia Grant
facinating...i LOVE it!
3/4/2004 c1 14Jinenji
SO SO true! you never really know what it feels like to be called a sinner until someone does and means it! they shame you until you want to cry and never give up not even to let you feel yourself again! i know what this means and i've lived thought it too. It's good work and i like it!
6/7/2003 c1 2spokey
We are all sinners by nature, but the Lord is willing to forgive us of our sins.. all you have to do is ask. And, "she had no friends", He will be your best friend and will never leave you. I'm not sure what you were trying to say in this poem. It doesn't seem to have any hope in it at all, so to me it was quite depressing. But maybe you were trying for that.. if so, good job.. if not.. maybe you'd like to explain it to me. ?
3/10/2002 c1 Kenju-Shin
that was intersting. I liked it! Your poetry is much better than mine...i notinced that you wrote some DBZ fics...have you ever seen any other anime? You might want to try some...I suggest Escaflowne and Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin if your intersted!
2/4/2002 c1 20BatmanBeyond316
We're all born with "Oringal Sin"..Though, when I think about it: it doesn't really matter to me what the world thinks I am. I loved your writing, very dark, and well done. ;-)
7/18/2001 c1 Bryn GoUrL
I'm speachless...that was so awesome

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