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for My Guardian Angel

8/27/2001 c1 BlueAngel13
7/18/2001 c1 D v D
not bad
7/18/2001 c1 27Camille
OH MY GOD THIS IS SUCH A GOOD POEM! Please write more! I demand it!
7/18/2001 c1 moonsongstress
*sniffs* It sounds like my friend. (she doesn't wear silver, but we'll just say that she does k?) ^_^v
7/18/2001 c1 Athena-goddess-of-wisdom
That was lovely! I really, really, really loved it!
7/18/2001 c1 56Aletheia
Ooh, what a sweet poem ... Very beautiful thoughts and images. :)
7/18/2001 c1 1Parchment and Papyrus
Good, nice contrast, I like it, hope others do to.

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