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for In your Arms

6/10/2003 c1 1Aralain1
Not many can do that, and it always astonishes me when words can bring out tears in a person. This was beautiful!
12/24/2001 c1 Lizzie4Lance
Wow, that was really good!

7/21/2001 c1 30pryncesscrys
beautiful, this one was truly beautiful, yes we all have drifted apart and even in my non spectra clique things have fallen apart. i miss you sooo much, you always made everything better and latley ive been feeling as if i have noone to turn too. it helps just knowing your their. it isnt so much steve anymore but he still breaks my heart whenever i think about him. we need to gt together soon, ttyl. thnks for reviwing my stuff so kindly. i love you...

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