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8/10/2003 c1 Tears heal nothing
it is like u are seriously reading my mind darnit! lol! maybe we should talk or something, cause i really need to figure out what to do to save the friendship... i dunno. could ya email me please at or the one that is listed on my profile. thanx!

4/13/2002 c1 8SkyE4
Wow. That was sad, but amazing.
7/23/2001 c1 33Whispering Night
Is this one about Jess? I can hardly picture her doing this to someone, but I guess from what she's said about the two of you...I've felt this way before, and you did a good job of expressing your emotions.
7/22/2001 c1 colorful when signed in
sad, but good
7/22/2001 c1 69black fairy
(I know this whole thing isn't completely about me, but) I'm not going to say that you ditched me first again. I'm going to send you a song that's really cool later. I think you should read it. You know, Elena, I really find it very interesting that when we were still tight you always said that I was second to that girl named Molly or whatever. You always said that you two used to be tight and still were and that you told her everything, including stuff you didn't tell anybody else. Well I just have a couple slight questions - what happened to her? How did I suddenly become first? Is it because you took me for granted or something? And in that other poem you said you were left with the shattered pieces and no one to lean on. Well why wasn't she there? Sorry, I just had to get that out because I'm actually very curious about it. About the poem - It's a very well written poem, very pretty.
7/21/2001 c1 10Tenebrus
This is good! Very sad. :(

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