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1/5/2005 c4 36Somnia
Your poetry's good, the repetitions effective. Try using some more imagery. Also, I don't personally think you need the explinations, as you make the story quite clear in the poetry itself.
6/5/2004 c4 Person
Wow..your poems are really lame...very lame.
They're not even poetry...just short little statements with one repeating line. And you're stupid for "freaking out" whenever you "BFF" decides she likes your boyfriends and dumping them. Obviously your BFF isn't that great of a friend.
But that's not the point.
The point is
You could do a lot better on these poems.
Because they suck.
ANd since this is an anonymous review, you'll probably delete it anyway, so I'll say it again -
You're poems suck.
4/13/2002 c4 8SkyE4
Woah, you have bad relationship luck. Great poem, I like it!
4/13/2002 c3 SkyE4
Tragic ending. Fear and jealousy do crazy things.
4/13/2002 c2 SkyE4
Ouch. That must have hurt.
4/13/2002 c1 SkyE4
Sad times. Communtication is what keeps a relationship together.
9/23/2001 c4 72Fading
Ok, no longer tight. He kinna doesn't have time for me now.
9/19/2001 c4 Kyrie not signed in
What a mess! How do you and your friends and your boyfriends manage to keep tangling up so badly? Well, hope it goes better in the future!
9/14/2001 c4 20SleepyAngel
dude...this is deeply sad. maybe u didnt mean it to be. but those poor guys who u broke their hearts!
8/29/2001 c4 21girls-not-right
At least you and Jimmy are still friends. I'm really sorry all that stuff happened to you. But sooner or later you'll meet your soul mate. Trust me, they're out there.
7/26/2001 c4 72Fading
Ok here's an addition to the A/N on this chapter: Maybe I did a little more than flirting with the guy at tennis camp. Maybe I did develop a little crush on him, maybe I did write a poem about him, and I just a little bit hit on him.
7/23/2001 c4 33Whispering Night
Is this one about Jessica? And Jimmy?
7/23/2001 c3 Whispering Night
Is the friend Jess? Sorry, I'm trying to place people with situations.
7/23/2001 c2 Whispering Night
Wow...is this one about Jimmy?
7/23/2001 c1 Whispering Night
Wow-that really sucks. (the situation-not your poems)
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