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12/7/2001 c6 4Xander
Okay, now that the story is long finished, the references were:

The NeverEnding Story, Labyrinth, Legend, & Harry Potter.

Thanks and I'm glad you all enjoyed the story.
8/23/2001 c4 1Elij
Hey! I like the subtle humour throughout this story! Yes, I could see references to four movies, but I am not always good at remembering titles sometimes, especially this early in the morning..."Willow", "Neverending Story"...groan...I can't remember the other two titles! Your brief mentions of the Antiques Show, PBS and the Moulin Rouge soundtrack was a cute touch to related reality. The Dark Lord being referred to as a "Fabio knock-off" had me howling with laughter - I greatly DISLIKE Fabio and everything he stereo-typically represents! Some people complain about what Hollywood does to women - they should think about what Hollywood does to men! Ugh! Thank you for the chuckles, smiles, and the big laugh! Hope sincerely you finish this fun piece!
7/25/2001 c4 greeneyes
good story very funny. I enjoyed it. I hope you finish it.
7/23/2001 c1 del
I liked it so far... were the references to the never ending story?
7/22/2001 c1 4Xander
Hey! I'm reviewing my own story!

Just an note for whoever is looking around here, did ya catch all the references to other fantasy stories and movies? They're kinda subtle, but there. I'm not going to point them out just yet, I want to see if people catch them.

Oh yeah, the story isn't done yet.

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