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for Confessions of the Attentless:Life with ADHD

11/27/2005 c1 100Neteri Bennu
know what ya mean, you did good
6/1/2004 c1 WelcomeToMyHead
This is great and I think that every doctor who sticks a kid on medicine for a situation like yours should open there shallow, narrow mind to what you have to say.
4/25/2002 c1 Charmed2
Thatwas amazing writing, I wish that other people could see you and understand what you go through. My mom used to think I had ADHD, it turned out that I don't, but I know how you feel. Never beinging able toget interested in what the teachers are droning about, always being distracted. That was a beutiful poem, I hope that people will realize what a beutiful person you are, whether or not you are paying attention.
4/21/2001 c1 197Richard Platypus
That was amazing, dude. I myself don't have ADHD... but I can relate to some of what you're saying. I'm a creative person who goes to an uncreative school... a school that does its best to oppress creativity. They don't care about preparing us for whatever walk of life we will wish to take... they just care about getting us good SAT scores and into Ivy League colleges so they can advertise their school to all the rich, superficial families on Park Avenue so that they will make donations to their Mind Control Cult...

and I am not interested in most of what we do. In history she tells us how to write essays... tells us we can't talk to the reader or use first person. We can't even be funny... she tells us it is against proper essay format to be funny. Then we have math class... where there is always a right or a wrong answer... and then we have Latin class, because Latin supposedly helps your SATs so of course they must give us Latin class... and then there is Spanish class where the teacher yells at me everyday to participate... even though I get some of the best grades in the class on the tests she assumes that I won't learn Spanish if I don't take interest in her... and then there is science class, where I go through all the motions of the labs and write my lab reports and wait until English class... which is sometimes fun, but we only analyze others' writing... never write anything of our own.

I suppose I'm better off than you... at least they haven't diagnosed me with anything that they feel merits drugging me. Instead they suspend me...

I really enjoyed this, dude.
11/9/2000 c1 Guest
that was cool. I know i'm reviewing a lot but eventually i'll review all your stuf!hehehe. The only problem I have is its spelled congigate not conjugate (or at least thats how my teacher spells it)^_^
10/8/2000 c1 Rebby
This was amazingly written!-it's like a real person, running in a maze, crying for help! Sorry if I sound cheesy. But this was good!
9/26/2000 c1 2SSK
I can relate, I used to have such a problem, and the thought-control drugs sure wouldn't work. I'm glad you can get this off of you, to let people know... Anyway, it was very good writing, keep it up
7/9/2000 c1 Warriorsong
I must say this was a very nice piece. It speaks. I can actually relate very well to this, having a similar disorder. They always seem to think talking and medicine will fix it. I liked it. Keep dreaming your dreams, they are your's alone.
6/23/2000 c1 Azrel
Never thought about it that way. I know someone who has this, and it makes understanding it a bit easier.
6/23/2000 c1 1Mary
Wow! I thought this was a beautifully writen poem. My brother has ADHD, and this gave me a better understanding than the various technical answers of well meaning doctors. You're quite talented, keep writing!

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