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for Stupid Dog and Stupid Cow

4/14/2003 c1 1Neostorm2003
Stupid Storm,

Stupid Storm,

Bashing people like a stupid swarm,

Stupid Storm,

Stupid Storm,

You bashing, thrashing, rashing

Stupid Storm!

Hehehehe, this is crazy!

4/9/2002 c1 Mooo1
LOL! Thats really funny! Do you like cows? They're my favorite animals! You have a pretty good description of them in this...I may love cows, but I have to admit that they aren't the brightest of animals... =]
7/27/2001 c1 shadowbox
What the hell are you thinking? This is funny...god...HAHAHA! Stupid cow..exactly how drunk were you when you wrote this?
7/26/2001 c1 smalpack
that was defintly differnt but it was funny
7/25/2001 c1 twin
hm...your soooooo cwazt twin..but i love for it. im off to bed...wish we well on my driving test. ttyl

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