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for Abduction and Affection

5/10/2003 c1 17Ayakaishi Fei
Oh *please*, *please* write more of this.

It's so absolutely brilliant!

I love your characters, you write all of them so very well, and so believably. I'd love to see more, please?
3/23/2003 c4 2Fehu
This story is utterly amazing. Red eyes are sexy...
3/19/2003 c9 Kaizer K-chan
oh my God! I love this Fic!

You have to write more. 'MORE' I tell you!
3/18/2003 c4 83Shila
*giggles and dances off to the next chapter, ecstatic... because she's Shil, and Shil's nuts and loves finding a good read*
3/18/2003 c1 Shila
This is excellent! *still giggling* Characters are believeable and very interesting, and things are going to get really funny really soon. Boy-love to the end... *grins and wanders off to read more of the story* y'oughta publish this stuff on paper...
2/4/2003 c9 8AikoShrek
YAY! This was definately my favorite chapter of all! ^^; Heh, I think it'd be weird looking into an eye socket and trying to be romantic, but hey... he's sooo damn adorable. xD That girl shoulda gotten raped, god damn annoying bitch, not thinking about Grant and how IT TOTALLY HAPPENED TO HIM. Ewww, whatever, she needs to grow up and learn the world doesn't center around her prim ass. Well, looks like your characters get a rise out of me! ^^;; Alright, keep writing! Perfect chapter. Loved it to death. u.u Well, not... to... death. x.x; JUST KEEP WRITING! X.x
2/3/2003 c9 8Tammaiya
Aw, Volks is so very cute. And even Alex sort of grows on you after a while. I'm interested in seeing what your plans for him are, actually... *hint hint*

2/3/2003 c9 6story in motion
YEEEEE! ::squeals:: New chapter! So glad you updated with a long chapter. ^_^ My friend, who is also a fan, but doesn't review (no clue why) was excited too. We need more, woman-I mean Miss!
2/3/2003 c9 10Cinaed Born Of Fire
*cooes* Volks and Grant are just so cute together! And I was cheering for Alexander when he stood up for Grant. *grins* I knew he was cooler than Farrah gave him credit for. I just hope he can tie ropes tight enough to hold Ridley for a while. *shakes head* Farrah /was/ a bit of a dumbshit in going with strangers even if they were strangers, but she has been pampered to be oblivious.

The flashbacks were just too cute, and I was dying to see how Volks and Grant would make up after their first fight... *resists urge to glomp them both* A great chapter, and I can't wait for the next one!

2/3/2003 c9 4Roxane

At last ! I must say I was desperate to read another capter of your wonderful story ! Well it was worth the time it took. it is just as funny and as interesting as before.

Well... What can I say? Brilliant.
1/26/2003 c8 Shadowfox13
Yay! I got read more! I know it's been a while since I've been here, but I really hope you continue to write.
1/22/2003 c1 Roxane

Why don't you wite anymore? Everyday I keep checking your updates and it has been months you haven't posted !

I really, really hope you are only working on a very long chapter and that you will post it soon. Sincerly, your story must be one of the best of the whole site so please, continue ! And if you don't... Well just tell me. I'd rather know it.

Err... That's all, don't forget to write !
12/13/2002 c8 10Cinaed Born Of Fire
*is yet again pleased that she read Edana's favorites list* Wow... I /like/ this story! But...but... you can't leave us hanging like that! I know you have college and I bow down to the fact that Real-Life is more important than us reviewers, but during Holiday break or something could you try to update?

I love the flashbacks... Volks and Grant and so cute together and I love reading every bit about their relationship!

I also like Riley when he's with Alexander. *snickers* It's just too funny... However, I will NOT like Riley if he off and stabs Grant or something...

All in all, you are a very talented writer. I can easily get into your tale, I enjoy the plot, and best of all, I can't help but fall in love with your characters! I can't wait for the next chapter!

12/6/2002 c8 Runan
Wow, I really love this story...It's so well-written^^. I love the whole flashback thing-but so angsty ;_;. And you've managed to make Farrah pretty cool-I thought I was gonna despise her, but she's definitely grown on me. 'Course, I like da boys best...^^.
11/28/2002 c8 Patricia16
hey I loved it PLease finish it
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