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for Abduction and Affection

5/20/2006 c8 1xxzombiesglow
A warning to everyone out there,

This. Is. Addictive.



Like, fwoah.

But yes, it is. I started readign this earlier on today, because I felt like randomly browsing around to look for a good read, and came across your most wonderful writering's. The summary made me think I would be reading something completely different, but I was much happier with what I got. The character's you've created are just too fun, really really really. They seem to change and grow as you write, but I think it's only Alexander and Farrah who've really changed all that dramatically. It's the way the reader veiws the other characters originally that changes the story, I think.

The way you've made Farrah seem to 'grow up' through the chapters is really well done. She doesn't instantly and completely go 'poof!' from a young, well brought up [and somewhat niave] noble woman to to a mature and far smarter young lady. It's gradual, she's still the same person, only more experienced.

But anyways, my favorite character would be Ridley, definitely ^.^

He's so much fun! I'm really hoping he and Alexander 'get together', I liek the relationship-ish thing [the hate x want thng-eh] it awesome ^.^

Anyways, please don't forget about this anytime soon! I'd love to see what happens.
5/16/2006 c10 slayerit
Awesome story! Love the past/present thing, it really keeps it very interesting. I hope you update soon!
4/20/2006 c10 Midnyte Wolf


*ahem**start uber review that must come into existence*


Okayokayokayokay... I have successfully come back to read this story for the 43rd time. And yes, I have been keeping serious count. It's the only story in my life that brought me back so many times, and you leave a gal like THAT? WTF!

Goddy GodGodGod! You have some skillz! Serious, MAD SKILLZ!*seizure*

Your story really captures all the emotions the characters are feeling; I know that I personally feel an immense mix of complicated emotions when I'm in a conflict, and here you are putting them down in words. GAWD YOU ROCK!

Writing such a plot with such an original outlook, that not only has me blessing you like a Goddess, but also hooked and bound to it like a religion... IT'S A GIFT! The character's thoughts are so true to their personalities, and they always seem to make me laugh. XD Your writing just makes me feel as if their problems are my own! Especially their feelings. We! Volks is meh FAVORITE! *goosh*

T^T OMG! OMFG! *runs around wildly* Pure ENJOYMENT! Pure DRAMA! Pure LOVE! Pure ANGSTY goodness wrapped into one purdy package! SO PURDY! *rabid fangirl* Gah! I can't get enough! Oh my Gawd! I luved it! GACKFHCOIDH! (
4/11/2006 c10 13xxpuppxx
this story...is...AMAZING! I just want to hug Volks! and Grant...I guess...*laughs* but I see it's been over...2...YEARS...since you updated last ...I don't care though! Cause it's one of no it IS the best, damn good, well written story I've found On FP! ra! I love it and I think almost everyone else who've read it love it too! please update in the future! It be HORRIBLE if it was left unfinished! ~Loving everything bought it, even Ridley~ ~A.C.
3/2/2006 c8 em
Hey, your story was the first yaoi type i read an just wanted to say thanks, firstly for being such a good writer and secondly for making me inspired to write my own.Hope you arent too busy with school work. I look forward to chapter 11.

2/5/2006 c10 Starchild-183
I love this story! It's one of my favorite stories ever! I hope you update soon!
1/27/2006 c1 mmeeee
omg i love ur story it's so awsome good job
12/9/2005 c8 Kitten-Katten
Okey, I read the entire thing and love it quite a bit. I know how horrid schooling is, so I have no disappointments as to the story's...slowness. Hope for more.
12/6/2005 c1 Kitten-Katten
I like it. It is well-written and it gives me a desire to hear the rest.
12/6/2005 c10 Andrea
I really hope you decide to continue (it's almost been two years!). This is an amazing story, you definitely have a knack for writing and it's sad to see such a great story unfinished.
11/20/2005 c10 chinotto

please continue~ it's really good :D
11/15/2005 c10 8Smokey Betta
Hm...good story, to say the least! I really like the character Volks, you're so very creative! I like the western feel, it suits the storyline nicely. I do hope you'll write more in the future! *pouts*
9/13/2005 c4 1Soreyn
9/13/2005 c3 Soreyn
I like it!
9/5/2005 c10 2Bunsonwings
Your story peroccupied me so much, I forgot to update my own chapter! XD This is so wonderful, and so cute and romantic! XD Though I though t at this capter, they were gonna... yeah XD Oh well. XD Anyways, I IMMENSLY enjoyed this story and I hope for the next chapter real soon
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