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for Abduction and Affection

9/1/2005 c1 1Soreyn
8/30/2005 c10 XxpipedreamXx
Man..I LOVE this story...continue please..
8/13/2005 c10 smilebomb
I enjoy this fic so # much. That's why I was SO depressed to find that you haven't updated in over a year...I'm goign to go angst now.
8/4/2005 c6 7TigerBlizzard
im so slow...i only just realized, after the end of my last review, that THERE WAS NO MORE! AGH! IM GONNA DIE/EXPLODE! MUSt...HAVE...MORE...LIKE...NOW! AGH!


(Told ya it was my penname-and now i finally am logged on-was supposed to log on for last one, but no, im to slow!)
8/4/2005 c10 tiggyblizzy
good way to break the mood and good banter-literally laughing out loud (attracted odd looks, too). sucha sweet moment-good way to break the mood! lol b4, poor grant! aw, volks! okay...im okay now...ppl like volks, but i like grant too! and farrah. alexander and ridley suck, though. olgah's creepy, but...interesting. telling farrah about the black eye-priceless! right in the kisser...sry, had to say that! the triplets and ridley make an odd combo-funny, i gotta admit. aw, grant and volks! aw! thats so sweet! yup, the best ones... such a way with words! better than most natives. Mixed messages! (Bad me-bad thoughts-bad mind/imagination!) Way to be modest! LOL-names, hilarious, breathing, not working...KITTEN!-AW! KITA-thats, like, one of my names; dude... CATS! Grant is so cool-CATS ARE DA BOMB! (Sorry-weird moment). Ni9ce bluntness on your part, nice authors note...you really do make me laugh, a lot-youa nd your characters ROCK!
8/4/2005 c9 tiggyblizzy
squirrels! violence! happy..."ending"? really good (i keep saying that!). forgot what else...oh, yeah: EVIL DUDES! lol cya
8/4/2005 c8 TigerBlizzard
go farrah! she's my kinda strong type of woman. and why shouldn't women wear pants? and live in the wild like men? love this story, and i think it would be awesome if you continued it and all. i absolutely love all of it, and I'm so glad that there is still more to read. for once, im greatful for really long chapters? (yes, i know i spelled "grateful" wrong!)
8/4/2005 c7 TigerBlizzard
alexander-still hate himwas cut off, so all comments are lost...he did WHAT?man, you sure do know how to tease your readers-I feel sorry for the people this was a cliffhanger for?...I'm so lucky I an't them! (hehehe-so evil!)
8/3/2005 c6 you-know-who crazy obsessive girl
Mia! that's, like, me! And when did Millie become black? She's cool! Interesting triplets. (My dad uses schnookums...creepy!) nice relationship. Cuteness! Millie is so awesome! Sweetheart! Sugahpie! Sugah! Vookseen! Purty! (Im becomeing obsessed...) Funny and immature scence with the soap-LMFAO, no joking. Ridley is creepy. Dont like Olgah/Alexander. Ah... Gregory! Ankita! Differt, beautiful! lol (Rambling much!)

I rtead "Somebody Save Me" as it came on in a song I was listening to while reading..gave me a start that did!

Matchmaker! 16 and 27...reminds me of Furuba (show i like). Millie's so awesome! I wish i had a character like her. Broaden horizons! SHe makes me laugh. Asking, so simple, yet so difficult... Chicken! Maharaji?...ah. HN! He cant be the first masculine okama. Random comments, ramblings that make no sense...sry! Dazelle! Goddess! I like your world and their culture, man! Cant wait to see how they end up together. love this story. poor alex, cuz a ridley... Love! No sense and horrible message indeed.

that would be lemony, not limey, cuz limey is stronger sexual content.

not that id complain. how hippocritical would that be?

8/3/2005 c5 tigerblizzard
i couldnt review! so much goodness ive forgotten to note! damned internet-review system working against me!
8/3/2005 c1 TigerBlizzard my actually penname-too.lazy
Lynne! VERTICALLY CHALLENGED! Hot guy! Farrah. Dapple. Angel! Really cool, love the characters, (YAOI!) and what's "beta-reading"? Ah well-I liked it! MUst...go...read...more...!
7/4/2005 c10 6Mushi Kararu
YAY! please hurry and write more! i love the way you write, and your website is cool! i would also be cool if you drew a pic of everyone! but that may never happen, it'd still be cool! can you tell me how you made your website? you don't have to be i'd like to know. email me!
5/29/2005 c10 15j-Kalika
I think you're an EXCELLENT writer. Good at expressing things and all... in the beginning I said you might make Farrah end up w/ Volks.. I change my mind... no you're not.. or at least I'm praying you're not...

I am a bit queazy on yaoi relationships... but your story... it's just... so right... I mean they're just so cute together... ^_^ I love how you were able to bring each character's personality out so well.. but to me Farrah's getting in the way... like whenever she's talking to one of the guys, I'm just holding my breath hoping nothing happens, the other guy doesn't get jealous and etc...

it's truly beautiful, plus you only have like 1-2 mistakes per chapter so that's good as well...

so please, please, PLEASE update soon, and don't break grant n volks' relationship! :)

Luv,~Mini Sweety
5/28/2005 c3 j-Kalika
I'm more in intrested in Grant and Volks than anything related to Farrah... . she's just such a... girly girl... ^^;;

Luv,~Mini Sweety
5/28/2005 c2 j-Kalika
Oh wow, this is very nice... ^_^ I mean I'm not a fan of yaoi, but this story is exceptionally well...

You use very unique words... especially names... I'm the worst at making names, usually takes me forever to make up the perfect one... ^_^

I'm just guessing here, since it's a three ppl thing here, there can only be ONE couple... is Volks going to fall for Farrah in the end?

I luv Volks a lot more than I like farrah... ^_^

Luv,~Mini Sweety
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