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6/23/2007 c1 5Ms. Poe
Um . . . This is very . . . interesting . . . *starts slowly backing away*
4/7/2006 c1 paper dolls
Holy crap.
1/22/2006 c1 44Crystal-One
You must have vivid nightmares. *rolls eyes*

What's with the text? New to formatting? What's your computer got, notepad? Wow.
4/18/2005 c1 21mooseyx3
um... erm... interesting...

2/18/2005 c1 1hey little apple blossom
*eyes are burnt by gigantic text) Geez, shrink the text down to like 14 next time.
2/7/2005 c1 4Digital Treason
Um...your stories are...very...original. Yes, very original...heh...Please don't kill me!
5/17/2004 c1 4Candy-yum-yum
wow, very interesting. lol. it made me laugh
3/29/2004 c1 15Capn' Jack Daniels
ok then, i'm just going to slowly fade away into the shadows. JK, interesing
5/16/2003 c1 32Lurea Tinuviel
where did that COME from
5/14/2003 c1 9Experiment101
I read the title and started laughing,

that was amusing, something to cheer me up on a good day ^.^ Thankyou! if you would do you think you could review my story 'crescendo' ? thanxs so much! write funny stuff and they will come
2/25/2002 c1 30loserkid-rodeo-punk-princess
2/23/2002 c1 bob
love it. write more. oh yeah, get an inhaler.
2/3/2002 c1 1hick with flying monkeys
Write more stupid pointless fics!Please!

And yet again...

1/14/2002 c1 5MiDniTe StrYkz
um ur a very strange person and i think u should see sum1...
12/27/2001 c1 sarcasm again
Right...you just made this account to get attention didntcha...yawn. Ah, well. *goes off to find something more intelligent than a rubber christmas tree.* -§§C-
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