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for Evil

6/14/2004 c1 6spunkiegirl
::glares at Micer:: I really think you're overreacting. I thought this was good. I agree it could have used a bit more description but really, it wasn't that bad.
4/22/2002 c1 3Micer
Argh! Bare bones, bare bones! I'm a starving dog who likes a bit of meat to her tales! WHAT IN THE HECK IS THIS! Is the kid a psycho dentist? A boxer that likes to go for the teeth? A great juggler but everyone he happens to juggle lands on their faces and knocks out their own teeth? What is it? Bela liked Esmerelda - really? In what way? She had nice teeth? Huh? Why why why? There are words missing, background is taking a holiday, details lacking presance, the point is calling in sick, enviromentals AWOL - call the coast guard, I believe everything but the frame work of this story has been lost at sea!

I don't blame the devil for this, I blame a writer that needs One heck of alot more towards content! Try again, it has weak promise but it needs MORE!

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