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1/7/2005 c4 5Xyn
What's he thinking?So,update soon!
1/7/2005 c3 Xyn
Lily better watch her back in the town for the prince.^.^
1/7/2005 c2 Xyn
It's good for the guy to think for himself!Keep up the writing!
1/7/2005 c1 Xyn
It's pretty cool acually!
4/1/2002 c4 Lornyl Mahtsae
Another great chapter... I have an interesting story out called "To Each Their Own God..." Chack it out , Please? I want to see a fifth chapter of this soon!
3/18/2002 c4 2UMIFIREFLY15
I still like your story, please write more ASAP! I'll be waiting for the next chapters! ^_^
2/28/2002 c1 lkdjflsdjf9834rt9384hto3jngte
Steal my thuder eh? Aint that from friends? lol anyways you are probably a better writer then my so I'll plug my next chapter for you kk? ~*~you-KNoW-WHo (No NoT VoLDeMoRT you HaRRy PoTTeR CRaZeD PeeP!)~*~
2/25/2002 c4 Wicked One
Anyway Great new chapter! Hope ya write more soon, and now I'm going to review your new story so cya! :)
2/25/2002 c4 Rachel
Wow! this is a good story! please continue it soon!
2/22/2002 c4 1aloha-2-u
awesome1 i love it please continue!
2/21/2002 c4 Elizabeth l. Digby
hi too busy studing to write a long review... la midterm 2morrow... darn strike... bye
1/20/2002 c3 UMIFIREFLY15
this is a great story! you are a terrific writer! Please write more!
1/6/2002 c3 MikeAndMatt100
Wow... a Very cool storie i would love to see more chapters for this and maybe turn it into a book this would be one storie i would LOVE to buy and tell all my friends about
1/6/2002 c3 23Lornyl Mahtsae
EEEEEEEEEEEEEKL! Talk about being exposed. She'll have to be really careful. This is an awesome story!


1/2/2002 c3 Elizabeth L. Digby aka Too lazy to sign in
I'm your beta reader? Kewl I didn't know that! Well you learn something new everyday! At the risk of sounding monotonserous (sp?) great story and all that jazz I'm too lazy to type cuz I'm hyper and the only person online is my cousin who just asked me how to spell Hermione... anyways... I want to write a long hyper review that has absolutly nothing to do with the story! SO TOO BAD FOR YOU! NYA NYA NYA! hehhe I stole wes's word shhh dont tell! Coolies! HEHEH Now I stole MAtt's word shhh dont tell! Anyways...on a sirius note... hehe I mean serious... you have to review my story now! yes now! Hop to it! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE READING THIS? YOU SHOULD BE REVIEWING MY STORY! If you can read this you aren't reviewing my story and you should be or I'll beat you! heheh dont think i won't! you know I can! hehehehhehehe HYPER IS ME! ME IS HYPER! I read the weirdest fic today! Sirius Purple MWHAHAHAHHAHAAHH! BYE FOR NOW TA TA AND ALL THAT JUNK! ~*~Elizabeth aka Carmen stole my ~*~ thingy that stealer! GASP!~*~
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