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12/29/2001 c1 reika
hallo! this is kewl so fars. maybe the name for the kingdom can be Daelin? it's been a while since i've read something that had a western feel. it's quite refreshing. keep it up. all smiles ^-^ okies bai bais!
12/23/2001 c2 23Lornyl Mahtsae
M*M Well, I think it's a lovely story! When will there be more, when will there be more! I want to find out what happens! You really are quite the author... Great work! M*P ~~Lornie
12/23/2001 c1 Lornyl Mahtsae
M*M! I love this story so far! It's very exciting to find someone like you. I'm going to write a fantasy story kinda' like this one, if you know what I mean... I will read all of this story, and I will love all of it too! Favorite authour and story!M*P!~Lornyl Mahtsae
10/10/2001 c2 Herm-oh-ninny1
kool holleay, really kool but ya...anyway right another chapter because now i have 2 people that i am waiting for them 2 right another chapter and it is not fair. It's not fair at all i tell ya...but anyway now i just gotta read elizabeth's story which i can't right now anyway because my very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very annoyin mom is threatening 2 ground me if i dont get off so sorry eliazabeth but i promise i will get to readin your story!
9/7/2001 c2 5Reiko x 3
I like the prince, and I get the feeling that if he finds out that the girl is a witch he really won't care.
9/4/2001 c2 wicked one1
YAY! GOOD! YAY! *dances just cause I want to* wahahhahah! whoops needs another a! anyway great story holleay! Sorry I didnt review earlier... anway again... uh i dont know what to anyway. Yes this is very disturbing isnt it? Don't be afraid... acually do be afraid... VERY afraid *really really really evil laugh* *laughs to long and starts to choke* *sweatdrops* yes ok I am really being very strange... anyway as I have already told you I ***love*** your fic! And if you write that harry potter one with princess draco (JUST KIDDING!) yes well if you write that harry potter fic you were talking about I'm sure it will be GRRRRRRREAT! hehehe I'm toni the tiger... or tony... whatever. Anywho and knowhow! Im writing a really really really really really really really really long review arent I? AND i havent even told you that I am reviewing even though I am talking to you on msn. Or am I? are you sure you are not a spy from russia or china or something? hmmmmm are you? no no no you arent yes you arent... anyway YAY! YOU ARE WRITING THE NEXT CHAPTER! SWWWETT! yayyyyy! love it! anyway bye bye! (Finally as you are probably thinking) ¤~¤Carmen¤~¤
9/3/2001 c2 lkdjflsdjf9834rt9384hto3jngte
Sweet... no matter what you say I still like the title... so anyways...I can't really go into much lenght right now cuz my mom is yelling at me to do something (what? i don't no) and carmen is talking on msn... so i g2g... but i loved the chapter... chop chop with the next! bye ~*~Elizabeth L. Digby~*~
8/28/2001 c1 wicked one1
hi! I finally can review now that fiction.net is working! *ggrrrr* stupid ff.net! oh well anyway on to the review! THAT WAS REALLY REALLY GOOD! hehe anyway talk to ya later on msn k? bye! *~*Carmen*~*
8/27/2001 c1 Angelina Johnson aka Elizabeth aka too lazy to sign in
good beginning... now go write the rest... yes... i mean it... ok... bye

~*~Angelina Johnson aka Elizabeth~*~
8/25/2001 c1 11Neophrite
You have really good description-I love the first sentence-and your plot sounds really interesting. I like it!
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