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3/12/2002 c1 14Tea Bush
Well, actually, the ending somehow disappointed me.

But the rest of the story is excellent. Very thrilling.

Yeah, I can say I liked it. Keep on writing.

~Mike the Tea Bushman
1/14/2002 c1 Alendalian
This is an insanely good story, even though the ending is one of the most overly-cliched endings ever... although I did not expect it. I had to read the ending twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. And, the sad thing is that I'm a good enough reader that I shouldn't miss anything. I just think I was enraptured by the story, and it just flew over my head...

I am applauding you and your creative genius!
12/18/2001 c1 2CeruleanSin
Hey! That was great! I love the surprise twist and at the end of it. The supernatural effect of the story really has an effect on the reader. Very awesome SH! :)
12/17/2001 c1 2Blonde Duck
This story was...breath taking i never even suspected the ending i have read it 6 times now because it keeps coming back into my head its a sweet yet chilling story you are an excellent writer good luck and keep on writing
12/2/2001 c1 41Willum
A very nice short story, SH. Kind of an urban legend feel to it. Not a bad take on the "wanting to say goodbye" type of theme.
10/5/2001 c1 SweetEvil
Hi there :) Great story! EXTREMELY creepy ending! I have no idea why you don't have more reviews for this. Well, they just don't know what they're missing. :)
9/18/2001 c1 29The Deacon
That's one of the coolest endings I've ever read. Beautifully executed.
8/25/2001 c1 Gee
An interesting and well told story with a good finish.
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