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11/16/2004 c1 44Serene Waters
Well worded, well paced, and overall well done. This is a very quaint story, it has a rustic charm about it. The horror is horror in the sense of what it used to be, without all the gore of an extremely violent murder before your eyes. Your characters are excelent, though you need to look over your consistency with Bresdons name. It starts as 'Bresdon Beaumont', then Charity refers to the twin which she supposes is Bresdon as 'Mr. Desmond', then again in the same scene he(Bresdon) becomes 'Mr. Beaufort', then he returns to Bresdon once again. That and a few places where your words have stumbled into eachother likethis.
Otherwise excelent and very worthy of intrest.
~Serene Waters
8/29/2001 c1 Micky
quite easy on the senses, if a bit jarring at certain points. Well-structured and paced, but a wee bit too short for my taste. Good work, nonetheless. Keep it up.
8/28/2001 c1 C.Spoo
To tell you the truth, I figured that this story would be scary in a way, but now that I have finally read it, it doesn't need any horror to be a good story. It was just very cute. And with a cute ending to. Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to write another reveiw again. Ja ne.
8/26/2001 c1 2MidnightSons
That was really good. I liked it a lot and I hope you write more
8/26/2001 c1 Trinity22
i loved this little tale, especially the ending. It was horror in a humerous way. You have a nice descriptive style too that brought the house and character to life.
8/26/2001 c1 30Parteepants
Interesting story. It has some minor errors, but it moves well and the characters are well developed. Good Job
8/25/2001 c1 41Willum
Well, I wouldn't call this straight out horror, but it certainly has a twisted edge to it, and a strangely amusing one at that. Off beat, and wierd, this is an amusing, and entertaining, little story. I noticed a few little typos, but they were easily over looked in light of the story it self.

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