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9/25/2001 c1 89167
Wow! This is some good stuff! Keep writing!
9/2/2001 c1 12Frank Byron
Interesting writing...you seem to have pulled off working with rhyme. I'm new here, but I'm also very involved in the technical side of poetry...the wordplay, line length, etc. Take a look at my stuff and see what you think. It's hard finding people with similar tastes.
8/30/2001 c1 6ECOB
You are an incredible poet...please keep writing
8/30/2001 c1 28R a q u e l1
Cool collection of poems! did you or someone else write as I lay upon the floor? I wanted to know because you put a name and I wasn't sure whether or not it was yours. Keep writing!
8/28/2001 c1 9Angel Padfoot
Wow, these were all amazing! My favorite was definatly "Substitutes for Broken Heart" though. Man, I'm really impressed...These are definatly going in my favs!
8/28/2001 c1 1Personification of Fluff
...It's soooo sad! *sniffles* So, so, sad... But... it's so Good! *grins* Wow! I never knew you could write poetry this good, Lu-darling! *By the way, that -points- is what i get for hanging out with Maehder all summer.* But... it's so sad!
8/28/2001 c1 Ducky2
You are an incredably amazing person, have I ever told you that? If you do not write more, I may be forced to track to down . . . and I really do know where you live. Ever thought of getting some - if not all - of this published? You should. Anywho . . . enough of my rambling. Keep writeing. ^_^
8/27/2001 c1 92brokenaura
very nice work...i can relate to alot of these poems...cant wait ta read more...dont take any grief...peace
8/26/2001 c1 8Cinniuna
This is good stuff. I like the mythical allusions. Keep it up! Some of these sound like they were done by a professional.

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