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8/29/2001 c2 singforme
hehe...forgot I couldn't swear in a review (note the gap between 'scared the ... out of me')... oooo, and the plot thickens...^^
8/29/2001 c1 singforme
sooo sorry for not reviewing this fic sooner! there was something wrong with my computer and I couldn't see them until Mogo sent me the URL... but anyways... this fic scares the out of me...^^ man, it's freaky (in a good way...a good, morbid way...) can't wait to see how it turns out~
8/29/2001 c2 1Dragon-chan
Hey you really did follow your horrorscope (bad pun, I know, I'll shut up now) Great chapter Sohpie, see you soon ne? BTW I wonder how long it'll take you to figure out my bad pun...
8/29/2001 c1 4Anne Sinclair
Well done! Good plot, creepy ending, I liked it. My only complaint is the formatting makes it a little hard to read. You might want to put spaces between the paragraphs, but that's visual. The story is very good!
8/28/2001 c1 Katie
That was cool...It kind of reminded me of Dogma in a way...please continue it!
8/28/2001 c1 2MidnightSons
Pretty good.
8/27/2001 c1 25Knightmare Elite
That was really good. It reminds me of that Roddy Pipper movie about those aliens that could only be seen with special glasses. Anyway awesome story.
8/27/2001 c1 8Ice Demon
Great Story Its a cool and original horror story Keep up the great work.Could you Review my stories and my new story Evil Living Dead 2: The Underground Village
8/27/2001 c1 1Dragon-chan
0o I think you took Yi's suggestion to get more morbid a bit TOO seriously...j/k ^^;; Now what have I told you about cliffhangers? (NO! Then you leave your poor friend DragonChan all wondering what happens!) Upload that next chapter soon!

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