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for Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires of Westminster

1/23/2005 c1 3Crazy Biene
Ok...that was weird, yet interesting
8/13/2004 c1 27Suyu
that was really good.
8/21/2000 c1 Selena
I really like it. It' kewl.
7/1/2000 c1 Jordan
Awsome story! A little short, but it was excelent! Please tell me when you plan to wright more.!
6/30/2000 c1 Katie
Great story! I really like the beginning! To all who erad this review ( if anyone does read the review, I dunno(other that tony)) I am the katie from the story! Tee hee! Anyway great story! I always knew there was something wrong with Jordan...(he really is a friend of mine) Oh well!

Wonderful storyline!

6/29/2000 c1 Raiden Lewis Miss Kitty Fantastico
Good story! Cool describtion of the whole dead body scene. And we eagerly await the next parts! - Miss Kitty

Can't wait to see everybody warged and vamped and such. Great job on your first story, and welcome to the coven of authors! - Raiden

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