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for The college experience

8/29/2001 c3 Jessica
This is an awesome story! I can totally relate to Claudine's loneliness and being afraid to meet others! I might as well call myself Claudine lol! I hope Tanner dumps this Sara girl for Claudine. That would really help her confidence and all that. Enuf of me, Great story!
8/29/2001 c3 30Nuttyginger
Oh i love this story. I could releate to it as i have just started University and the feeling of loneliness is scary. But your character was right to go tot he dinner hall. I would love to know what haoppens between Sara and Claudine and then Tanner and Claudine. Please email me to tell me when the next chapter is up @
8/28/2001 c3 athena
Pretty good - I was hooked on the first chapter. Well, continue writing!

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