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6/12/2003 c3 wacka dkid
creepy.. hes like a stalker. update soon. yes i know! this has gotta be your longest review yet =)

1/4/2002 c3 18Val Mora
Eeek! I want to get a LOT more from this guy's POV, he's interesting. And I'd like to hear more about the structure of the paranormal. And by the way, selkies RULE!

So anyway, I really love this story and you absolutely need to write more.
1/4/2002 c2 Val Mora
I believe our beloved vampire is falling in love. Mwahahaha. I love this story.
1/4/2002 c1 Val Mora
Mwahaha. I like this. I really do.
11/10/2001 c1 14Isabella Becker
Sorry Ive be meaning to read this for some time now but it kept slipping my mind. I like it so far. Snoozy snooze? All hail the queen of the duinderlions
9/14/2001 c3 Kathryn Starr
Oooh. This is good. I like the club bit. Very cool. PLEASE tell more SOON! ~Kat
9/3/2001 c1 brian12
good you should definately keep this series going
9/1/2001 c3 GP
write more, dang you! I shall have to hound you for not letting me see this before you posted it! Why? Why? You msut promise from now on to show me these things BEFORE anyone else knows about them. Just throw them in my locker or something, please?
8/30/2001 c3 2Nezumi1
Great story so far! Keep writing!

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