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5/27/2007 c1 wyckydgoddess

7/13/2005 c1 AubriannaKnight
are you a wiccan? This is like a spell poem...It's really good.
2/18/2005 c1 15Jamari
really creative, i love how you used the elements as tools, great job~Lauren
8/27/2004 c5 149Pose For Me
Wow, I've been lazy and haven't reviewed the past 'chapters' but they're awesome! Adding this to favs [if I still have room, lol]! Now you have me wanting to write up "chants" and elemental writings!
Regina O.B.
6/23/2004 c1 17Mrs. O
that has a powerful feel to it i like it. keep writin!
1/10/2004 c1 15Alwryan
interesting, yet commpelling at the same time, good job r/r some of my stuff
3/8/2003 c6 206MoshiMoshiQueen
All of these poems were great! You should keep writing! You're a great poet!
12/31/2001 c5 Kima Harres
How the heck do rhyme so well, also does it come to you or do you have to think of it for a while.
12/31/2001 c3 Kima Harres
It's me again well the talent you have that is rare to find and since you are such a good poem writer spread it.
12/31/2001 c2 Kima Harres
Hey I write stories and I usally am usaully water elements. You should expand your talents to editors, well if you email them to me I can give them to my aunt who writes stories and is an editor.
12/31/2001 c1 Kima Harres
You got real talent spread around and email me the rest. Me and My friends were reading these and thought holy crickets "Quote seen harry Potter" how can you write and keep on rhyming.
12/31/2001 c6 LilyAyl
The earth is the birthplace of life, water is the sustainer of life, fire is passion and the spirit of life, and the wind/air is the mystery of life. That's how I think of it at least. My favorite elements are Wind and Earth. O, and earth isn't just rocks and dirt. Plants are a part of the earth. 'Kay? Could you check out some of my poems? Serial is sorta scary (not in the 'boo!' kind of way), um... well, all my poems are original despite where I put them. I have several you can choose from. And while you're there, would you mind checking out some of my HP stories? 'Music of the Night' is Hr/D, 'Cruciatus' is a Neville fic unlike any other (I promise), 'Lily Lost' L/S with a twist, and 'A Perfect Sunrise' is a VERY subtle G/D fic. Go and read and review? Please? Very nice poems by the way. The commands and couplets is what makes them sound like spells.
8/31/2001 c3 Kjersti
8/29/2001 c1 me
cool poem. better than i could write;)
8/29/2001 c1 Lorelen
good, but it does sound like a spell. A word of warning, if used as a spell, think carefully about what your doing! :)
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