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for The Telltale Swab

1/15/2004 c1 Anna
It's amazing how diffrent people can be.
I'm only then comfortable at the dentist's when I become a shot. Funny isn't it?
11/15/2002 c1 ArtemisMoon1
HAHA! You really do sound like me! I think I would freak out too if they threatened to stick a needle in my mouth! Needless to say, the dentist might not survive trying that with me!

Oh, you may hate needles, but have you ever fainted because of them? I have twice! Once I got my wrist aspirated (I have a cyst and they *shudder* sucked out some of the stuff in it trying to get rid of it) and I thought I was fine. They were stupid enough to show me what they sucked out of there though. When we were at the counter paying, I found myself standing behind my mother fainting dead away on her back! People had to run and grab me before I fell, LOLOL! Then I woke up and threw up. Lovely hmm? The other time was getting a mole taken off my back. I almost blacked out, then threw up on the wall! ROFLMAO! I have never seen nurses so upset in my life! It was almost worth it, snicker...
8/19/2002 c1 M.T
Good work. I really liked it .

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