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for Operation: Runaway

3/25/2002 c21 9Maury Hime
That was an awesome story. Sounds like fun too. I would do that but I don't wanna be chassed by cops...I could really pass on that little detail. But that was an awesome/funny/sad/whatever-else-there-this story. Excellent job.
1/7/2002 c1 4Seijoutai Priire
~I LOVE THIS STORY! Wow, the two girls who worte this are just the most awesome...;-) This is the aforementioned JEnny. Ash-GO US! So, when am I suposed to pick you up? Friday good? ;-) ~
11/23/2001 c21 4Natselane
Wow...That's all I can say...wow...
9/17/2001 c21 8Gedia Kacela
Okay, for the last time, you people. For those of you that know and maybe hate Ryan, I just want to say that the Ryan in my story is NOT the Ryan in real life, because the Ryan in real life is a jerk. The Ryan in my story is not a jerk. I started this like the summer before freshmen year, and Ryan (in real life) was actually kindof nice, and YES, I used to have a crush on him (I don't anymore) so I decided to use him for my story. The NAME, not his personality. Got it? Good. Whew. Sorry to those of you who don't know Ryan, but this had to be said. That's all. Thanks. Continue on, citizens.
9/16/2001 c21 12Miss Kiki
Okay-this is going to be aside from the comments I made about the other chapters. I read all the way through the story, and to tell you the truth I got into it. It's really well-written (except 17 and 18 are the same!). Amusing that you used SW things for swear words..."Sithspawn"? And the part about Rachel-I cracked up! I had trouble picturing Ryan doing the things in the story, but you've known him longer so I shouldn't talk. All in all, it was an excellent story-really! Two best friends on a road trip...sounds like something I'd write if I could. But anyway, this is getting long enough so I'll close it up. Talk to ya later!
9/15/2001 c1 Coru
*applauds insanely* You KNOW you two rock right? I spent two years waiting for this story to be done, and all I can say is-it was worth the wait!
9/13/2001 c20 1Dreamstrifer
Woah...and I don't think Beil is all that cute...but call me crazy. It IS good, if you get past the fact that they are so totally unrealistic fanatics **ducks**

***gets smacked by Ashley with a spooon***
9/2/2001 c1 8Gedia Kacela
Yeah, well I really don't think he'll find this, so... it's all good.
9/2/2001 c7 12Miss Kiki
You better hope Beil never finds this!
9/1/2001 c4 Laura
awesome! i love it! i can hardly wait until there's more!
9/1/2001 c4 Miss Kiki
Can we say obsession...? Kate thinks so too. :P

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