Just In
for Short Story 2

4/30/2004 c1 9First-Chair-Flute
thats all, just um
God luvs ya
go 2 him
he luvs u
repent of sin
he luvs u
u know he does
with all his heart
so ask him in
and never part
yu'll go 2 heaven
and see him there
welcomeing u in
ask him in, believe that Jesus died 4 u
and yu'll live 4 ever, in heaven
go 2 the Lord
he'll always luv u
no matter wat u do
no matter wat uve done go 2 him
repent all sin, (any)
accept him into ur heart
and u will never part
he luvs u, now luv hm in return
Jesus really did die 4 u, he really did rise from the dead
he really is the perfect and final sacrifice 4 sin, if u repent
9/3/2001 c1 2Margaret Lane
Excellent story. I really like it. You're a wondeful writer.
9/3/2001 c1 mandy
That was a really good story.:)

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