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11/27/2004 c4 1You Make My Date
oh wowee! that was a really nice touch to the end of the chapter- I didn't expect Colin to get shot! I found your style really good, and I was interested in the plot line- I just hope you add more romance in! To tell you the truth, I like the sound of Nicholas ;) heehee.Keep up the good work!Carmen
2/2/2003 c4 E. L. Madison
I'm reading it! And I am interested! Keep updating!
9/20/2002 c4 CapturedHeart
*gaps* He's not DEAD is he? *sticks lip out in a pout* I'm not sure I like this...

(Though, I must say the story is quite good [just like everything else I've ever read by you])
3/19/2002 c4 krissy
i HATE you... you killed him! MURDERER! lol j/p good story.. would've liked it better if he hadn't gotten shot... how bout this? she eventually circles around... and he was just playing dead so they would leave him alone but the shot missed! or hit him in the leg or something... so then... he'll still live and she'll get him and... ah! *claps hands* happily ever after... thankyou thankyou *bows*
3/1/2002 c4 MKREE
wow! This is a lot better than I expected! I will try to check back for updates, but if I don't, email me and let me know when you add to it!
2/25/2002 c4 6chava
Please don't give up on this story! I've loved every chapter of it! I can sense that you have some original plot twists in store, so get writing. If Colin has died, I'm sure you could make it work-but his presence in the story would become filler, and the development of his relationship with Heather wouldn't fit very well in the story. I suggest you bring him back later, in an interesting and creative way. He quite possibly could have survived...come to think of it, another family member could have survived too, although that would be much more far-fetched than Colin surviving. Enough babbling, get to work, I beg of you. And don't forget "Rosemarie," for which an update is certainly due, and "Gretchen A.K.A. Rapunzel," which has been cliffied at a very exciting point in the story. Although you don't really need it, if you want any help with editing or ideas, let me know-I love to read, revise, and review.

1/27/2002 c4 thistlemeg
ahh! no he can't die, i love colin! you have to keep writing!

oh yeah, and if you do post more hist. fiction under another name, let me know, that's my favorite genre.
1/19/2002 c2 7Firebird
That was a cute chapter. Looks like she's already found a soulmate :) They both seem to be sligh rebels. Ah my ride's here! Great chapter...can't wait to read the rest..please write more soon!
1/19/2002 c1 Firebird
You seem desperate for reviews on this story so...I guess I'll review after only reading the first chapter...then I'll read the rest. I like this story so far. I can understand why Heather would want to stay away from the party. I've read many books set in this era and always thought that it must be a horrible feeling going to these parties knowing that all the men their were debating whether you would be good marriage material or not. Bluck. I also have to say that you did a nice job with details especially on her dress. I like how you made her a strong, independent character but wouldn't she get a reputation from all the things she does? I mean the women were supposed to be very demure and she's doing things that would be considered highly unexceptable...I mean halding hands with a guy she just met? Even fianc├ęs usually just linked arms. Of course I don't really know what I'm talking about, I just like to babble. On to the next chapter!
1/14/2002 c1 waterlily4
I'm interested to find out what happens next. Where will she seek refuge?
1/2/2002 c4 4Jacquleine Schaeffer
Noooooooo! That is soooo sad! Oh my GOD! You HAVE HAVE HAVE to update! This is SO good!
11/7/2001 c2 waterlily
It's very intriuging but what time period is this story set.
10/20/2001 c2 mic
This is a good beginning. When you said that she brushed her hair, brushing curly hair makes it frizzy. It's not a big deal, but I thought I'd just tell you anyway.

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