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12/19/2005 c1 Venus
Disturbing, in the best way possible. Only, to be honest, your back story doesn't sound terribly likely (I mean, what parents would thing a kid could learn important lessons by getting beaten up? I think by now most people know the effects bullying have on kids)I like the whole 'personal death' thing-it's almost humorous (shows what kind of humor I have). Thanks for putting this up.
3/3/2004 c1 23Cosmos Senshi
-falls off the cliff- MAKE THE NEXT CHAPTER! FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY! I want to see what comes next!
4/14/2002 c1 3Addicted Tragedy
Hey hey it's Chad from Taryn's MB ^_^ Love the fic, Suicide is a well thought-out character and the whole story is pretty well written. Write more ^_^
1/17/2002 c1 18B. Fisher
Loved the personification of Death/Suicide. Although a few places in the story lack cohesion, and sometimes you use language that is a little too formal, it is still an excelent story. Thanks for sharing your work. Please R&R mine if you get a chance, I would love to get your opinions.
12/14/2001 c1 Dae
Nice job! A much lighter take on things than I would have expected, and a neat twist with "Suicide" ... Maybe not the best ending that the shooter could've had, but I suppose that's a matter of perspectived, hmm. All in all, a remarkably original take on things...Nice ending, too.
11/5/2001 c1 Spijder
Absolutely adore this story, I was wrong, you don't suck ;p You're a good writer and though Suicide needed a little clarification and/or more dialog, great job! Now just tell me.. why the title, how does that fit in?
10/10/2001 c1 7Skye Rocket
Hello? You can't possibly stop there! Come on, PLEASE? This was great!
9/10/2001 c1 19LeslieMaybe
strange...the death scenes are great. and the whole *going to hell in a handbasket* :D heh, grand. seems unfinished...
9/8/2001 c1 4Egypt
One of your best stories. I liked this one because it was very much like you, not conventional. It takes a look at a common situation from a different point of view. Most people look at it from the shooter's point of view or one of the survivers. It has never been looked at from a victim's point of view. Like I said, you are a good writer, maybe now you will believe me.
9/7/2001 c1 2L.E. Lamkin
Wow...that was actually good. I didn't expect it to be at first, truth be told. But it was good, very scary. I wonder what happened to Carrie...I was starting to get attached to her. I hope everything turns out okay. Is there some kind of second part planned to this, or is this the only, ambiguous ending? I mean, it's kind of a good ending, but...I was left wanting more. So, there ya go. I enjoyed it. :)
9/7/2001 c1 8Ice Demon
Very good story. Good plot very interesting story.Write more and review my newest story and review my other stories too
9/7/2001 c1 Ben
Good job! A few spelling mistakes, but a very easy read. You keep me interested in finding out how Carrie will be judged. Very good visuals. Job well done!
9/7/2001 c1 chloeby
good start but what else... I need more u cant leave me hanging like that i was just getting in to it

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