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for Sometimes it takes a tragedy

11/28/2002 c1 bekkah
Wow. That was good. I remember being at school and my Social Studies teacher had her class watching the news. My friend was in that class at the time and she came to tell all the teachers and I heard her say " The Twin Towers have been bombed, what do we do?" Some people started crying, some got their parents to get them out of school. It was chaos, but the next day everyone was serious. I really like this poem, and you seem to have a talent for it.
4/29/2002 c1 8XxPsychoticPixiexX
aww.. *SNIIFLE* this is really good!
9/12/2001 c1 29Eos'Child
It didn't sink in for me until I got out of school and saw a cloud of smoke where they should be. Even as my friends claimed they had fallen, I kept telling them the towers were "too strong"
9/12/2001 c1 ei1001
I think is really wonderful. It really showed what you were thinking and feeling through this tragedy and I think many Americans felt the same. I know I did. Keep writing! *ebony_ice*
9/12/2001 c1 1gone account
I know exactly how you feel. Those were the same thoughts that ran through my head. Wonderful poem...terrible tragedy...

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