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for A Demon's Revenge

6/26/2004 c1 124Ketsurui-sama
Beautiful imagery. Your work is outstanding!
4/11/2004 c1 83Nails For Your Crucifix
My God that was fantastic. It was so powerful with the imagery and the last line was, by far, the best in this entire piece. It has a very clear mood and carries your message well. Nice job.
11/25/2003 c1 3Shiro Inazuma
wow... me like ur poems... yes me do! ^^; very much!
9/11/2003 c1 5KaiRei
Nice poem I really got into it.^_^ Demons shall rule ALL! Muahahahahahah!

hehe...well, bye bye! ~Snki~
9/17/2001 c1 B
Wow. Very, very good . . . very vivid imagery, wonderful use of yer adjectives. One suggestion, though, make it a smoother for the reader, so that if you want to make it choppy in a part, it'll have some contrast.
9/15/2001 c1 Julie
OMG Piper! I love this poem, it reminds me of things I have written before, only better. You are just too good. *hugs and kisses*

9/14/2001 c1 xhardygrl316x
hey! i like it! very dark :)

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