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for The Restoration

11/23/2003 c17 7Jerrac
As usual, I enjoyed it! I just hope you update again soon! :D
7/6/2003 c13 Jerrac
Yay! You updated it! I hope the delay isn't as long as it was last time... :)
12/13/2002 c7 David
Hey! I really like it! I have been searching for some good Christian Sci-Fi! When are you going to finish it?
1/14/2002 c1 8Ayuiij
Have you noticed that only Ariana reads your stuff? Have pity on those with short attention spans and write something shorter! Argh! The thought of so many words pouring into my small brain brings anguish to the very depths of my mantis-like soul. I will shut up now. Hahhahahahaha. Bwahaha. Aing.
1/11/2002 c7 Ariana
Hey! Very cool story. I liked the other one, but the plot of this one was very cool. So...how about those other six hundred and some odd pages?
11/9/2001 c2 Ariana
That was so cool! The astronomy part was cool, and then their whole world is awesome. Very creative...post more. : )

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