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3/14/2002 c1 21the goddess of the underworld
wow. that was really good! keep up the good work!
9/23/2001 c1 3jeza134
sarah u know i love it
9/20/2001 c1 32Mackenzie Anderson
hmm... i like this... *nod* great story.
9/20/2001 c1 Jemz
Wow...that's so good! **applauds**

The paragraph with her father crying is just so sad. :*(
9/20/2001 c1 1wishicouldwrite
i like it. and i think that you should write more. i feel the same way about my story..tryign to work out if i should write more! i do write things, just not got around to posting them yet.

your story was good, imagintive! though i think i might have been a bit better if it didnt move along so quickley, if there was a bit more to the story. but its ok

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