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11/9/2006 c32 7Bishop Tomb
This was a good story, I liked the flow. Read and Review My stuff.

Bishop Tomb
6/18/2004 c1 aiquen
Quotes. You have the "blah": thing, and it's awkward, and hard to read.
2/27/2004 c32 2simmic
Yeh, NED recommended this fic and im quite glad he did. i like your quirky sense of humour especially the scenarios between Hiroko and Kohei...very cute :D. You have a very unique imagination and i find your theories on dreams, memories, realms, and the afterlife very interesting indeed. Even though the ending was quite sad, it was beautifully done...sniff. Very touching, pulled a few heartstrings of mine.
11/29/2003 c27 sereneione
I don't know if I saw that coming. I can't really tell. I think it only occured to me when he asked her about her Doorway. I felt really tight across the chest reading this chapter. =)
11/29/2003 c25 sereneione
Hmm... the ones who drown at sea can't go to Heaven or Hell? That's so sad. What about those who are destined to drown and die? It's not as if they wanted to die at sea. Still, it's a good chapter. =)
11/29/2003 c23 sereneione
Wow! Such detailed explanation. I almost couldn't understand a thing. Almost. Very beautiful. =)
11/29/2003 c20 sereneione
Romance is in the air... =)
11/29/2003 c19 sereneione
I knew it! Grammie is Aiko. I may be a little late when I finally realised it, but at least I realised when she began to pale after seeing where they were heading. Also, I see that Kohei is beginning to pick up on some of Hiroko's words and phrases. For example, cod liver oil is good for digestion problems. Yep. =)
11/29/2003 c18 sereneione
Oh, so Gummy is going to Heaven soon. My earlier questioned just answered itself. =)
11/29/2003 c16 sereneione
Yet another piece of new yet logical information. I am talking about the dream. Sounds real enough to me. =)
11/29/2003 c15 sereneione
I like Hiroko, but there's something about her in this chapter that gets on my nerves a little. I think it's the ox vs cow part. Nevertheless, well written, as usual. =)
11/29/2003 c14 sereneione
A Titanic scene! Hahahaha! Nice! =)
11/29/2003 c13 sereneione
A rather short chapter, but entertaining nevertheless. =)
11/29/2003 c12 sereneione
What would I give to see the toilet scene acted out. I like the 'mind over matter' concept. Where do you get all these wonderful ideas anyway? =)
11/29/2003 c11 sereneione
Just one question, if Gummy has been around for 78 years, that means he's currently 101 years old, right? When Kohei said that Gummy's supposed to live till 101, does it mean that Gummy's going to Heaven soon? Other than that, another nicely written chapter. =)
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