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9/11/2003 c23 1The baava Project
*shrieks* Ranger! SCARY! omg, was I ever not expecting that. *shiver* Yes, I am an oblivious female, that is so scary it's not even funny.

Okay, so maybe I'm a dork too. tee hee

I loved the conversation between Matt and Linda . . . she's so real . . . and Matt's distraction was kind of funny. Yay, dark-haired girl is in the vicinity! Hope she rips that ranger's throat out. *grin*

You've really got me involved with the detectives too. Things are really heating up here! And what was with that half-assed, crack-headed explanation Molly gave about why they're hunting the vampire? I mean, weird, she doesn't seem all that cursed to me, nor is she really going around tearing stuff up . . . how did they decide she needs to die (aside from the blaringly obvious Christianity angle)?lol I'll be back!


9/10/2003 c21 The baava Project
*gasp* No dark-haired girl in two chapters? Wonder what she's up to . . .

lol, I'm glad. Chapter twenty was strange, because of the situation, but you got that across very well. I think he's my favorite character, heehee.

And this last one, I got thrown for a little loop there. I was thinking the first person Cara would run into (important to the story, anyway) would be the girl. But hey, can't wait to see if you continue with Matt in the story and what the girl does do about him. hehe.

ja ne!

9/9/2003 c19 The baava Project
*whine whine* I didn't want him to die! lol Dunno if he really is, but you MEANIE! I hope that other dude is dead (the psycho priest or whatever). *evil grin*

Anyway, I guess I can make some kind of sense in this review. I can't believe how much I loved Jo's character at the end of chapter eighteen. It was kind of a shock - we didn't learn much about her (from her point of view) until that chapter, and here I was cheering for her when she left her house and crying with her at the end. ^_^;; Good job.

Your descriptions of the ski resort and the Young lodge are very vivid. I hate snow. HATE it. But the way you talked about it made me want to head to the mountains myself (wrong time of year, but that's beside the point). ^_~

Happily waiting for a time to read more!

9/8/2003 c17 The baava Project
*sob* Oh, that was so bittersweet! I loved the interaction between Meilute and Emilija . . . how tragic. Especially since I can understand how their relationship grew. It's funny, but not ha ha funny . . . just makes a reader think.

Now, I'm really curious how Cara's going to react to find this chick on her doorstep. *evil grin*

ja ne!

9/3/2003 c6 1IndianPhoenix
I realize that I haven't gotten very deep into this story yet, but I really have to congratulate you on this. It's an excellent piece of writing, certainly the best that I've managed to lay hands on in this site. Good job...
9/3/2003 c15 1The baava Project
A! Did you kill him? No!

^_^ Know what, there's something else I'm dying to know. Who is Meredith? Did I miss that somewhere or is it later in the story (or am I being incredibly thick, heehee)?

Jackie . . . was a neat part of the plot. She was so emotional, and touching, and sad, and wildly stupid (hope you know what I mean). I have to say it again, I am loving this. ^_^

ja ne,

8/28/2003 c13 The baava Project
Thank you very much. You have now succeeded in getting that song stuck in my head. Congratulations. ^_~ Kidding.

Dream sequences have got to be my favorite part of writings - it is essential that they be confusing, impossible, and just plain strange. You pulled all that off very well. ^_^ Things are really heating up! I'm dying to find out what happened to the girls after the fact . . .

I bow to you, mighty storyteller! (I need sleep, gomenesai gozaimasu)

8/27/2003 c11 The baava Project
Um, sorry, it's me again. ^_^;; I hope you don't mind my exclusive review streak.

I loved chapter ten. That was so intense, and so full of deeper meanings between the girl and Jackie through the whole thing. It was truly riveting. It was just . . . intense. I guess that's the best way I can put it today. ^_~ And I really like your characters Dan and Jo. I'm wondering what will happen to the two of them, and whether Dan's grandfather will be validated (and THEN what would happen).

Nice! ^_^

8/26/2003 c9 The baava Project
Weird! lol I had to laugh at Jason's reaction in the storage room there. I hope we'll go back to that earlier time to find out more about (oh dear, can't remember how to spell their names! sorry, I won't butcher them.) the girls captured in that war. Is Cara a reincarnation of some kind? What happened in the past? ^_^

And the obligatory priest. hehe I'm curious what happened to this vampire, and sad for her that she's being hunted for the completely wrong reason (I'm assuming, anyway).

By the way, if you left off writing this at an awkward spot, I'll pester you to write more. ^_~ I'm really enjoying this. heehee


8/25/2003 c7 The baava Project
O, I like the transistion in chapter six, from the perspective of your dark-haired girl to the new character, Cara. I admit it, I was thinking at first it was the same character, but I like how this has played out. It's very weird, but that's a good thing. All the typical questions are plaguing me - mostly, what's the vampire so interested in this girl for? ^_~ Guess I'll find out soon . . . at least, I hope so.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives,

8/22/2003 c5 The baava Project
You have me absolutely enthralled with this tale. I love how you're able to effectively tell two stories at once, a past and a present, in parallel. It makes for fun and interesting reading. You have me on pins here wondering about the girls in their prison . . . and I like how easily you told the bar scene.


8/21/2003 c3 The baava Project
Whoa, COOL! I don't think I've read anything about Russian characters before . . . that whole chapter was so very touching. You were able to portray that family's lives well enough that I forgot I was reading. ^_^;; And, of course, enter the detectives. I so can't wait to see how this plays out!

End of useless review,

LoK ^_~
8/20/2003 c1 The baava Project
Wow. I picked this for another long-following story as I seem to be short on them lately; and I'm so glad I did! I love vampire stories (I love stories, period, I shouldn't say that) and, of course, I'm very curious where you've gone with this. *giggle* Even though Alan didn't last long, with his character you've been able to tell me exactly when and where (okay, not exactly, but I hope you know what I mean) this story takes place - good job there!

I'll be back to check out more!


7/22/2003 c27 newbie
This story is so melancholy and darkly beautiful. My heart ache for Meilute. Will anyone ever understands how she feels? Hope to have more from Cara's viewpoint. Love this story. Will keep reading, so keep writing plez...
5/21/2003 c1 Cara Sterling
Oh my, this is a good story... so far, from what i have read... really good. good description and I love the contrast within the characters... I'll be back sometime to go through the other chaps. Lol.
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