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11/1/2002 c26 8DeeEe
I really got chills during this chapter. It manages to convey a haunting beauty. I felt as though I was absorbing the scene rather than reading words. Meh, you write wonderfully. Keep it up, please! I'll try to keep reading and reviewing better.
10/30/2002 c26 8SweetEvil
I just realized how far behind I am! This was a nice chapter with the wolves. Quiet and slow, but I sense exciting things soon! I'd better get busy on the chapters!
10/23/2002 c17 Evil McDaddy
Oh my God! Poor Meilute... and Dan also. Bloody hell, what a story and it is not even over yet. The inclusion of a Vampire Hunter was something I didn't see coming... amazing! And now I carry on, brilliant. ^_^
10/15/2002 c27 41Willum
Well, SH, I guess I do have one suggestion to make regarding this excellent series, and that would be the spacing of these "flash-back" or "previous era" chapters.

They crop up irregularly-or, at least, that's the impression that I get. Perhaps if they were spaced out, like every third chapter, or every fourth, becoming part of the flow of the story instead of feeling like a break in it.

It some times feels almost like reading two different stories featuring the same character-though I imagine that there will be something connecting all of this together.

Oh, and what about Dan? And the vamp hunters? It's been a while since we've read anything about them...wink, wink, nudge, nudge, no what I mean?

I'll say no more.
9/23/2002 c26 Willum
An interesting chapter, SH, harking to the legends of vampires and their control over/kinship with certain animals.

And a glimpse into why Meredith is so interested in Cara-finally.

Had expected the confrontation with the Ranger, but I'm sure that will be coming soon.
9/17/2002 c25 Willum
It looks like things are going to get very interesting soon, between Matt and Dave...or, maybe, just between Dave and humanity.

Hadn't expected another chapter so soon, but hopefully this is a sign that perhaps you're in the mood to turn out more soon?

And now we learn that Cara may have a link, somehow, to Meredith...or to our nocturnal friends in general.

I really do hope that you continue this soon, SH.

Very soon.
9/9/2002 c24 8SweetEvil
Great chapter! So many things coming closer together! :)
9/9/2002 c24 41Willum
That was a damn fine chapter, SH. The only problem I would have with it would be Cara not thinking-even for a minute-that it might have been more than some punks getting kicks that sliced her tires, especially out there in the middle of no where.

Okay, with that thought out of the way, once again, damn fine. I can't wait to see how this all goes down, though if Cara's dream in a glimpse of the future, then I can imagine that Meredith is going to be rescuing her from Packard...and then some.
8/8/2002 c23 8SweetEvil
Whew, I had a lot of chapters to catch up on. They were all excellent, by the way! The characters are filling out nicely and it's fun to have all these different characters moving in and out of the story. Great work! (As if I really need to say it..)
6/6/2002 c23 Seshat
I'm really enjoying this story, I love the plot, the background and the way the action is always moving forward. I'm surprised some editor hasn't picked this up for publishing! (i know they lurk here...they'd have to!)

Looking forward to the next chapter...and the one after that and the one after that...
5/31/2002 c23 27Krys
You're writing leaves nothing to be desired. You sate your reader's need for action, horror, suspence, mystery, and even romance. Keep writing and we'll keep reading. Until the next chapter, Krys.
5/31/2002 c23 8DeeEe
Dan didn't die! Dan didn't die! I thought he was too important. Must analize with dream in mind. Bleee...it's been so long since I checked on updates. KEEP WRITING PLEASE! I still want to see if Meredith finds Cara just in time to save her from that really messed up Ranger. (Yep, I'm counting on it but I guess Matt might too...)
5/28/2002 c1 3Cairothegreat
I've only read the first chapter, but nice, I like it, too bad I don't have more time on the computer, I might actually finish this,I probably still will, just not today^_*. Hey, brain-click, read my vamp. story. PLEASE
5/28/2002 c23 41Willum
Well, it seems that Dan is recovering rather well, with the help of Molly and the others, but one can only wonder about the "long term" affects of his being fed from.

Still, I hope we learn what the history between the Hunters and Meredith is-why they are after her in particular.

I'm still not sure if Meredith is a ruthless creature, or if she has some sense of her humanity within her.
5/28/2002 c22 Willum
Hmmm...well, what I thought were going to be bit players are becoming a part of the story, though it should have been expected that at least one of them would become a meal-just wondering if Meredith snacks or drains.

Had accepted that the Ranger was a jerk (is that an unwritten law?) but wasn't expecting him to be a stalking perv.
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