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10/7/2001 c3 Gee
Yet another excellent story. I love the way that you set up your stories and the descriptions of your characters really brings them all to life. I look forward to reading more of this.
9/29/2001 c3 41Willum
Okay, SH, for the record, you've just turned this story from a good read to an excellent one. I love it when modern forces go up against ancient, supernatural forces, and I can see that this will moving sharply into that area. I hope that the two detectives become a major part of the story, and merly a distraction to our Meredith. As much as I've been enjoying your "Land Of The Falling Sun", I think this one is quickly going to replace it as my favorite of yours.
9/28/2001 c2 Willum
Yet another fine example of your skill, SH. Very well told, establishing the history of a woman that I assume is going to become Meredith, and possibly building some sympathy for the character.
9/24/2001 c1 brian12
Very good! Continue further!
9/23/2001 c1 Willum
A very good read, SH, and, though it could certainly stand on its own, I hope that you continue it, revealing a great deal more about Meredith. Of course, lets not forget about your other vampire epic...
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