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for Pair O Poems

7/27/2004 c1 11Sky of Water
Too many words. *cringes in fear* Too many hiden meanings!
"Tell me, what is this poem really about?" Says the shrink.
4/18/2004 c1 4Midnight Auror
Dark yet alluring. Your poetry is beautiful. I love the simplistic style of it, but theres so much hidden meaning. The first one makes it seem as though the "Original Sin" is alive in you. The second is much more deep. I think the meaning in that one is individual and unique to whoever reads it. Keep writing, you've got a a fabolous gift!
1/7/2002 c1 the raven
jesus h. christ you're clever
11/20/2001 c1 28R a q u e l1
Yet again, same old phrase: Good poem! Keep writing! Yeah. You're a lot better than I am.
10/9/2001 c1 74Yelen
Ooh two fantastic poems. I really enjoyed "Original Sin", and I guess the rhyme scheme kind of helped. Wow, I really like it. Well I suck at reviewing stuff, so, yeah, I'm done.

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